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3610 Dyre Ave
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What to bring with you on your visit:

1. Your vehicle’s title or pay-off information

We will need your title to transfer the vehicle’s ownership, and it must be provided at the time of sale. All titleholders should be present. If any person listed on the title cannot make it, or if you don’t have your title, please contact us for details.

2. Valid registration

We must see the vehicle’s current registration to confirm that you’re the owner.

3. Valid Photo ID

All titleholders should bring valid, state-issued photo identification.

4. Keys and remote

When selling us your vehicle, it’s important you provide us all sets of keys and remotes. If the original keys and remote to the car are missing, we may adjust the offer. The Determining Your Offer section lists what other factors may impact the offer.

What to expect after the sale is complete:

Receiving payment

To complete the sale, Trinity Auto Brokers, Inc. will issue a bank draft to the names listed on the title. The bank draft must be deposited and cannot be cashed. Your bank may place a hold on the bank draft for up to 10 banking days. Consider contacting your financial institute for information on their hold policy, before attempting to withdraw on the bank draft. If there is a payoff on the title, financial payoff information and difference of payoff must be present at time of trade in, a payment will be sent to institute to payoff vehicle in full.

For additional questions, feel free to contact us at: Tel # (718) 676-7110, to setup an appointment and have your car appraised.

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